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Added June17:

Factory Owners Manual This is the original manual, Im editing it but all information is here.

Added Saturday:

NEW-image-cleaned-up-a-little This image has some notes on it. Use the next one.
NEW-image-untouched This is the best quality one I have to use.
Screen Action Image for Camera This goes into the blank screen area with a bit of plastic cover overlay

previous links:

YAM-CAMERA-BOX-A-LG.jpg This box style the buyer picked
Yamaha-tuning-fork-logo.pdf Yamaha guidelines using their logo Official Yamaha Logo
YAM-CV03Y-RENDER.jpg Yamaha camera TEMP Image - will provide actual later
All the camera Parts List.JPG Just for reference
YAM-CAMERA-BOX-B.jpg This style box rejected
YAM-CAMERA-BOX-C.jpg This style box rejected
CMOS-BOOT Image on Camera  Just reference
Same camera different Buyer  A German buyer
Same camera different Buyer-2  Web Page Image
FullHD Icon  

This Box design is not due until 6/30/13. Some information missing.

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